A significant trend in 2016: an intense interest in free-market buildings, specifically properties with development components and air rights. The objective: to maximize property value to its highest and best use. Derek and Adam see that the demand for rent-stabilized properties is still strong, but, due to politics, that game has become more complicated and burdensome. As a result, investors’ heads are turning toward smaller buildings (even some as modest as three units), especially if they feature air rights and/or the potential for development.

Investors are depending on BRG-CRE to share professional guidance and advice on how to get the most out of that value-add; despite the heated market and the salivating buyers and sellers, many Brooklyn properties are not being utilized to their greatest potential.

BRG underwrites at least 20 properties a week, thanks in part to the team’s expert knowledge of local zoning, redevelopment laws and air rights, and how this impacts the value of buildings.

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